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Codegreenie Systems is an ICT company founded in the year 2014 in Oyo State Nigeria. Our 5 year experience have made us nothing but masters in the Software craftmanship. We strive to leverage the best tools and experts who deliver nothing but the best ICT services.

Our Expertise

Here are things we really are good @.

Web Applications

We leverage the best technologies and libraries to deliver a powerful and smoothly operational web application.


Running your store online is easy with our e-commerce packages. You simply on an online shop, made by Codegreenie Systems.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications extend business to your customers. We develop top-notch mobile applications on major platforms. Android, iOS.

Training & Development

Want to be a software developer like us, we facilitate training & development for anyone who wishes to be a professional coder.

Digital Marketing Servces

Our digital marketing reach includes, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Management, B2B marketing, Graphics development, Bulk SMS integrations and many more.


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Software Development Work Flow

Proper Analysis

Our first step is to take your project to the paper, we analyse every section of your software and determine the perfect execution method per section.

UI/UX Development

We take the analysed project to the mockup stage where the UI/UX comes to life.

Thorough Testing

We test your project on multiple devices which are: Desktops, Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets, Gear watches and smartphones.

Codegreenie Systems - Portfolio

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Work 05

Graphic, Logo

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Work 06

Web Design

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67, Opposite The Polytechnic Ibadan main gate, Sango Eleyele, Ibadan.